Artist and Creative Director

Martin Christensen is a swedish based artist, creative director and teacher active within contemporary arts, performing arts and digital visualization and production. He holds a Master of Fine Arts (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm) and a Bachelor in Computer System Sciences (Stockholm University). CV below.

Contact Martin: contact [at] martinchristensen [dot] se


Martin Christensen Art & Production

Martin Christensen Art & Production is a swedish based company founded in 2010 by Martin Christensen. MC A&P provides solutions and services in contemporary arts, performing arts and other, not necessarily art related, science or design projects, often in a cross disciplinary setting. MC A&P manage the full spectrum from idea to finished product.

MC A&P provide physical products and services (art installations, interactive installations, set design etc), as well as non physical products and services (communication / visualizations in different media, 3D-models, moving or still image).

If you have questions or job inquiries, please don't hesitate to

contact Martin: contact [at] martinchristensen [dot] se



Stockholm University

Degree of Bachelor of Science, Computer and System Sciences

2012 - 2015

SE: Filosofie kandidatexamen i Data- och systemvetenskap, inriktning datorspelsutveckling, Stockholms Universitet

EN: Degree of Bachelor of Science, Computer and System Sciences, specialization Computer Game Development. Stockholm University

Kungl. Konsthögskolan / Royal Institute of Art

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

2006 - 2011

EN: Master of Fine Arts, Royal Institute of Art

SE: Magisterexamen i fri konst, Kungl. konsthögskolan

Exchange studies:

2007 - One trimester at Art Institution at Tsukuba University, Japan

2008 - One Semester at Universidat de Barcelona, Spain

Pernbys målarskola

2004 - 2006

Pernbys målarskola (Pernby School of Painting) is a two-year independent art school with a focus on painting and drawing.


General Art, Crafts and Design

2001 - 2002

Nyckelviksskolan offers one-year programs in art, crafts and design on a college level, together with a two-year professional training program for Specialist Craft Tutors. The school promotes artistic development with a focus on materials and techniques.



Kungl. Konsthögskolan / Royal Institute of Art

Lecturer in digital 3D tecniques

at the Royal Institute of Art 3D-lab

2017 - now

The Royal Institute of Art (KKH) is an institution for higher education with a long artistic tradition dating all the way back to the 18th century.

KKH webpage

Space Plunge AB


2015 - now

Space Plunge AB is a swedish based company with a passion for arts and virtual reality.


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Martin Christensen Art & Production

Founder / Artist / Creative Director

2010 - now

Swedish based company founded in 2010 by Martin Christensen.