Martin Christensen is a swedish based artist, creative director and teacher active in contemporary arts, performing arts, and digital visualization and production. He is the founder of Martin Christensen Art & Production. More info here.


Images from earlier projects. More project samples here.


June 2023 Exhibition: Eyelander

“Arv" (Heritage) is Martin Christensens contribution to the project Eyelander. Arv is presented as a visual representation of a virtual digital sculpture.


March 2023

KKH KFoU funded Research project Sculpting with SARA (Spatial Augmented Reality) is finalized after 2 years of development. In the project Martin Christensen and Martin Eklund has explored how spatial augmented reality can assist sculpting in the physical space based on a digital 3D-model. As a result of their findings they propose a setup of software and hardware as well as methods to use these (SARA), that can visually guide an artist in the work of manual transfer of digital to physical three-dimensional form. Henrik Ekesiöö has been an active collaborator and contributed a lot to the development of the physical setup and practical testing of software.

June 2021 Exhibition: Konst i ån

Martin Christensen participates in publicly presented group exhibition Konst i ån in Norrtälje city. Martin presents a work with the title Intergalaktisk rymdå (Intergalactic Space River). In the work, The Norrtälje river is transferred to an intergalactic scale. A new constellation of galaxies has been defined based on the shape of the river's water volume. A site-specific sign with associated web page forms a portal to understanding and reflection on the work's theme.

June 2020

Martin Christensen is employed as a teacher in 3D-techniques at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. Martin is now head of the Digital 3D department at the school.

Oct  2018

Working with 3D, projections and interactivity for theatre play / stage show Kafkas Arkiv which premieres Oct 26 2018 in KTH R1 "Reaktorhallen", at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The project is a experimental and tech curious endeavour that wishes to push boundaries of what technologies like Motion capture and Virtual reality can do for performing arts. Initiators and driving forces in the project are Filip Alexandersson, Simon Alexandersson and Henrik Bäckbro. The project is supported by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dramaten (The Royal Dramatic Theatre) and Kulturbryggan.

Apr 2018

Presentation of Interactive Previsualization in PICTURE THIS_18 conference Copenhagen 5 April 2018. Keynote about the concept and project initiated by Mirko Lempert and Simon Alexandersson explaining the project and methods for working with affordable  interactive previz project. Also expo of the system created by Mirko and Simon, with demo of Mocap-table and the new VR solution.

Jan 2018

Presentation of research project Making Sense at Uniarts anually Research week 16 January 2018. Presentation by Mirko Lempert (assistant professor at Uniarts), Esther Ericsson (head of the Royal Institute of Art 3D-lab) and Martin Christensen. Project initiators are Mirko Lempert, Esther Ericsson and Simon Alexandersson. Photo (left) by Bogdan Szyber, image (right) screenshot from previzualisation mockup showing Biologiska Museet 3D scan by Esther Ericsson.

Jan 2018

Term start at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. Martin Christensen is teacher in 3D-techniques on consultant basis at the 3D-lab (head of lab: Esther Ericsson).

Oct/Nov 2017

Course Sculpture Modeling with a Digital Touch at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. The course is initiaded and led by KKH sculpture teacher Guangjuan Zhang and Esther Ericsson. Martin Christensen is assisting course leader (focusing on VR content).

Sep 2017

Term start at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. Martin Christensen is teacher in 3D-techniques on consultant basis at the 3D-lab

Feb 2017

Royal Institute of Art Stockholm: Lecture and workshop in VR development for Fine Art contexts at the Royal Institute of Art 3D-lab (head of lab: Esther Ericsson) held by Martin Christensen and Esther Ericsson, powered by SpacePlunge (Martin Christensen and Martin Eklund).

Feb-Mar 2017

Martin Christensen is designing video projections for theatre play Långt härifrån at Uppsala Stadsteater

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Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

SpacePlunge (Martin Christensen and Martin Eklund) recently released a preview version of the Virtual Reality art gallery Art Plunge.

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